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 Yantra Preparation in Photo  

 Expriences with Yantra: Member's Opinion about Yantra

Pandits doing Hawan before preparing Yantra

Heidy B., Texas, USA 2008

"I am using your Yantra for almost 6 months and I just wanted to say thatks to you as so far I have felt significant progress in my business. I have also recommended some friends and they will approach you soon"

Hemand Sinha, Indore, India 2007

"I appreciate your comfort level and the quality of service, but I appreciate utmost your work and dedication by which I was able to win the post for which there were more than 20 candidates and some were even more qualifying. I give this credit to the Yantra and God, of course"

Andre G., Katalunja, Spain 2008

"It is great charm to have Yantra from you. Yes I feel it works and it has given some significant results in my business. I am also recoverying in my health. I belive, the Yantra for the relationship will also help me soon to get rid of misunderstanding and to have a happy marital as I enjoyed years ago"

Juliana S., Curitiba, Brazil 2009

"Dear XXXXXXXX, I am very happy with Sri Yantra. It helps. However I expect a lot from it and I know that I also need to work hard for the achievement, but I do admit, it is brilliant"

Govind P., Mumbai, India, 2009

"I am using your Yantra for almost 6 months and I just wanted to say thatks to you as so far I have felt significant progress in my business. I have also recommended some friends and they will approach you soon"

 What is Yantra  

 Speciality of Ved Bhawan

The Word Jantar Mantar is a dialect name of Sanskrit words - Yantra Mantra. We have taken these names very originally from the people of villages where it has been widely used and appreciated. In old ages the sages had done a lot of experiments about Mantra. One of them is called Yantra. The principle of Yantra is that when you chant a mantra on a particular diagram, it becomes very powerful to attract the cosmic energy through magnetic induction. When you wear, it passes the energy though your body and spirit to make you strong and capable to perform, to win and to face a problem successfully. Ved Bhawan International with co-laboration of Indian Spiritual Society brings such spiritual secrets after a longtime research and if it has been found beneficial. Jantar Mantar - sites is specially made for those devotees who wish to have an authentic remedy of their problems and wrong planets as well as nature support to achieve their positive goals. We recommend and provide only those Yantras which are supported by Vedic Scriptures and which are only for positive intentions. We do not sell Yantras as it is sold by other people / website without any Siddhi. As Yantras work only after Siddhi, which costs a lot of energy and time, it is made for the individual for a particular purpose totally at your fund. Moreover Ved Bhawan has a commitment to give you the most authentic and to the point information over these secret knowledges so you always have an assurance of quality, comfort and transparency in the process which are set as per our International clients and their customs and needs.

  • We use only Authentic Yantras
  • We always do Siddhi on Yantra to activate it
  • We never adopt Black Magic
  • We do complete course of Mantras recommended by Vedas
  • Yantras are prepared by only those Pandits who have special siddhi/education in Yantras
  • We prepare the Yantras always individually and specially for you 
  • We give you the Cheapest Prices considering the work
  • 10% discount for members of Ved Bhawan and Indin Spiritual Society
  • Secure delivery by registered post/courier after getting ready.
  • We use DHL/UPC/TNT to send Yantras to your address worldwide
  • 2 Years free support on Yantra 
 Difference between Yagya & Yantra  

 How A Yantra Gets Prepared and How It Works ?

  • Yagya works through sound waves while Yantra through magnetic waves. So sound has more reach and therefore Yagyas are more powerful and speedy than Yantra's. You can also get a free Yantra after doing Yagya. Check with us.
  • For sever problems, urgency and in heavy ambition, A Yagya is much more powerful
  • For speedy remedy, Astrologers prefer Yagya, rather than Yantra
  • Yantra basically works to support you for performances and feelings while Yagya cures your problems, supports your feelings and performances
  • Yagya is done specially for you so you bear all expenses while Yantra is shared and you share the price and the result too. This result in many cases may not sufficient to cure your problem
  • But Yantra could be considered as a cheaper and affordable option of Yagya
  • The full results of Yantra can be achived only by bearing this but as sound, Yagya works for you in whole universe
  • First we select a particular diagram of a Yantra, which can be mostly on Bhojpatra but sometimes also on copper plate, silver plate or  brass plate.
  • You can also get it done on gold plate if you pay extra for gold plate and the cost of personal or insured delivery for extra USD 500 / 
  • If it is in pendant, on bhojpatra, you can wear it and then you can influnce you and the opposite person without reaching you/him harm
  • Alternatively you can put this Yantra in your room where at least once per 24 hours you are present
  • Yantra then starts supporting you in the respective filed by absorving planetary magnetic energies and passing into your body
  • A cat A Yantra works for 2.5 years. Cat B Yantra works for 1 year. Cat C Yantra is don't Siddh and therefore we do not expect it to work. It is mostly for non-serious uses.
 What are Kavacha's ?    General Rules about Yantras
  • Kavach or Kavacha means, Armour, a thing that protects you body.
  • It is basically meant to prayer of gods but sometimes is used for different purposes.
  • A pran pratishtha a necessary but A Yagya is not neccessary
  • A Kavach has less potency in comparision to Yantra
  • A Kavacha can't be used for remedy purposes but only for protections
  • A Kavacha can be made as pendant, or can be kept in home
  • For best results try the Yantras to wear as pendant or in pocket
  • Do not touch dead body and infants while wearing Yantra
  • Yantras can be weared even if you are non-vegetarian but not being it in touch of these and sex organs
  • After surviving a serious accident, the Yantra has to be replaced with a new one, you will need to pay for new Yantra..
Sorry ! We don't do this:-
  • Black magic or Ghost, as these are mostly a non-scientific topic and if there is something the truth, it works only to destroy which is not our motto.
    However A Yantra can be useful for solving or preventing these problems without using any negative ritual / mantra / tantra
  • Maran, Mohan, Vashikaran, Stambhan & Uchchatan - The five negative rituals to influence someone for a selfish cause
  • Yantra to reach someone harm
  • Yantra to win lottery or To get divorce. The Yantra doesn't win lottery for you. It has also side effect on both partner's body if you use for divorce. Prefer then a Yagya which is side-effectless
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